In the summer of 1986, three young American models are shipped off to Milan to fill their portfolios with photographs. Ready to experience the charmed lifestyles depicted in fashion magazines, Star, Joanne and Casey soon find themselves veering off course in directions they could never have imagined.

Star's dream of obtaining financial security takes an unexpected turn after a fight with her new Italian agent. She quickly learns it takes more than beauty to make money in a city already crowded with pretty faces. A mysterious lunch invitation from a wealthy hotelier revives her ambition and could lead to a big pay-off, but only if she is willing to play his game.

Seeking a reprieve from the demands of her privileged upbringing and Ivy League education, Joanne sneaks off to Europe without her parents consent. She meets a handsome photographer whose mere presence reveals a desperate longing in her heart she didn’t know existed. Time is not on her side, as a decision to honor family obligations, or take a chance on love must be made.

Casey is a naive seventeen year old who is tired of hearing her mother’s constant warnings about life. She is ready for adventure, but not prepared for the potential dangers that are part of the journey.

Together, these three learn the funny, unexpected and sometimes ugly truth about growing up beautiful.


Sixteen years after their European adventure, ex-fashion models Star, Joanne and Casey reunite over lunch and realize they have a lot to talk about.

On Star's wedding day, her soon-to-be, mother-in-law drops a bomb that threatens her marriage and future security. Joanne becomes a reluctant volunteer out to protect a park against development while hesitant to lower her guard for love. Casey struggles to find a job while trying to be her daughter's friend instead of enemy, and wonders how she can get her son's Little League coach to play fair.

Now older and wiser, will these three women use this second chance at friendship to help one another find success and happiness.





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